Mississippi Landfills

Mississippi landfills are a problem to the environment. Landfills are essentially holes in the ground where trash is dumped. The trash buried in these holes decomposes and releases gas which are harmful to the environment. 

These landfills will eventually leak into the surrounding areas and contaminate the soil, water, and the air. Let’s have a look at landfills in MS.

Jackson City Landfill, Byram

To get rid of trash, the Jackson City Landfill near Byram, Mississippi, puts trash and garbage under layers of earth or other coverings. In Byram, the Mississippi state environmental officials and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are in charge of sanitary landfills, dump sites, and trash dumps. 

The state of Mississippi is also in charge of approving places to get rid of trash. Permit requirements control how the Jackson City Landfill is set up, how it works, and what kinds of trash can go there.

Some Of The Serious Causes of Landfills

Solid Waste

The most common kind of trash that goes into landfills is solid waste. A lot of trash, rubbish, and used materials are made in homes, schools, hotels, public places and other places in MS. 

Most of these dangerous items end up in MS landfills. Because most of these things can’t break down, they pile up in landfills and stay there for a long time. Poorly run waste disposal systems make the problem worse by hurting the land and environment as a whole.

Agricultural waste

Animal waste, crop waste, and farm trash are the main sources of agricultural residues. Landfills are used to get rid of solid wastes like animal poop and waste from farming such agricultural wastes are indeed very dangerous and could hurt the soil and water systems. If they are not taken care of, junk stays in the landfill space for years, which hurts the soil and the environment.

Waste from building, industry, and manufacturing

Power plants, factories, and construction sites all produce a broad range of solid wastes and byproducts. Most waste comes from oil refineries, power stations, building projects, the drug industry, and places that make agricultural products. Most solid waste is thrown away in landfills.

Effects of Landfills

Air pollution and atmospheric effects

Methane gas is probably the most dangerous of the more than ten dangerous gases that landfills give off. Methane gas is made naturally when dead plants and animals break down. 

According to EPA data, methane can absorb 20 times more solar radiation than carbon dioxide. This is because methane is made when organic matter breaks down in uncontrolled landfills.

Because of this, cities and places all over the state are getting warmer. In addition to methane gas, other agricultural and household chemicals that end up in a landfill, like bleach and ammonia, could produce toxic gases that have a big effect on the air quality around the landfill. 

Dust, particulate matter, and other pollutants that aren’t chemicals but can still be discharged into the atmosphere also make the air dirty.

Water pollution in the ground

The main environmental problem with landfills is that they leak chemicals into the groundwater. Many things that people throw away end up in a landfill, where they inevitably hurt ground water.

Some of the toxic elements that can be found in landfills are industrial solvents and household cleaners. Electronic waste also has lead, mercury, and cadmium in it, along with chemical compounds from consumer and industrial products. 

Unfortunately, after getting into the soil and freshwater waterways, a lot of these toxic substances from landfills end up in our food and drinking water. Pollution may also be bad for plant and animal life.

Land and soil contamination

When you put trash in a landfill, you make the soil & land around it useless. Because the poisonous chemicals eventually seep into the ground, the soil and land nearby can also be ruined. 

Whenever the top layers of soil have been broken, it affects the soil’s fertility, its activity, and the plant life in it. Industrial & digital waste in landfills hurts the soil and land, which upsets ecosystems on land.

Taking care of trash around Jackson

Today, waste management is a very important business. Now, most people use waste management to put trash in landfills. Waste management is the process of collecting, moving, sorting, and getting rid of trash. 

One person, a business, a town, or a whole country can take care of trash. To keep the world healthy, there needs to be good waste management. Disease could be kept away from a community if they managed their trash well.  

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